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We help professionals like you find peace through commercial insurance. With us, it’s easy to obtain the coverage you require to protect your business. It’s simply a matter of submitting our secure form or giving us a call on our toll-free number!

We partner with Canada’s most repudiated insurance providers so our customers can get the best coverage for their business.


Finding Canadian Entrepreneurs The Insurance They Need

If you’re starting a new business in Canada, you’re probably considering all the risks your venture could face — and rightly so. After all, mistakes are inevitable, making commercial insurance crucial to your success.

Here at LiabilityCover, we find you the best insurers with experience providing coverage to others in your industry. We believe that getting the insurance you need should be hassle-free. So, our dedicated team connects you seamlessly with brokers guaranteed to offer exceptional coverage.


What Is Commercial Insurance Coverage?

Commercial insurance is essential for protecting your business, no matter your industry. But with so many different types and coverage limits, purchasing policies is incredibly stressful for business owners like yourself.

While the anxiety is justified, it doesn’t have to be this way. With our team at LiabilityCover, we connect you to highly respected registered insurance brokers who can offer you coverage from all eventualities.

To kickstart your journey with us, look at the commercial insurance types our brokerages can give you:


Commercial General Liability Insurance – Consider this the starting point for most companies, large and small. It provides financial coverage for claims alleging third-party (i.e., vendors, other businesses, customers, etc.) bodily injury and property damage caused by your business.

In most cases, it covers your legal defence costs and compensation, even if you lose the lawsuit. You can expect to pay roughly $450 per year for a standard policy with a $2 million coverage limit. But we ensure you get the coverage level that’s right for your company by analyzing your business from all angles before assigning a dedicated broker.


Errors and Omissions Insurance – No matter how great you and your employees are, mistakes are bound to happen. With errors and omissions insurance coverage, you get financial protection in cases of accidental errors or negligence. The policy covers everything from mistakes related to your services to product failure to media services. It’s essentially your business’ shield in the face of allegations.

The price of your policy depends on your industry, years of experience, number of employees, projected revenue, and business size. But we know there’s a policy on the market that fits nicely into your budget, however large or small it might be.


Professional Liability Insurance – Do you provide a service or offer advice for a fee? Do you develop or offer devices or products? If so, a professional liability insurance policy is a must-have since it’s essentially errors and omissions insurance. The term used depends on your industry or profession.

Our high-quality registered brokerages specialize in offering insurance to businesspeople in your industry, so you can rest easy knowing they’ve got you covered.


Malpractice Insurance – Malpractice insurance is a policy package needed by professionals in the medical industry. It protects your clinic, health centre, or other medical establishments during job-related. Misconduct allegations, errors and omissions, and injuries from equipment are just a few examples of situations where malpractice insurance can save the financial state of your business.

After evaluating your insurance needs, we can help you decide whether occurrence malpractice coverage or claims-made coverage is best for your practice.


Directors and Officers Insurance – Do you have individuals serving on your company’s board? Yes? Then let us help you obtain the directors and officers insurance coverage you need to keep your higher-ups’ assets safe. It’s necessary for non-profit, public, and private organizations with executive structures.

We review your insurance needs in a few moments and assign brokerages that provide directors and officers insurance coverage necessary to your business. It could save you and your executives thousands of dollars if claims occur.


Product Liability Insurance – If you sell, distribute, or manufacturer products to your customers, taking out product liability insurance coverage is essential to remain financially afloat during product-related lawsuits and claims.

The policy covers the legal and compensatory costs of lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage to a third party because of your product. So, whether you sell or distribute food, toys, cosmetics, or something else entirely, we can get you the perfect level of product liability coverage from one of the best insurers in the country.


Cyber Liability Insurance – Cybercriminals target business systems, and the effects of breaches or hacks can be costly to contain and repair. Not to mention the risk of lawsuits started by concerned third parties whose data you store.

Cyber liability insurance provides all costs associated with a cyber event involving customer or patient data and technology systems.

The coverage is vital for businesses of the increasingly digital age. You’ll struggle to stay afloat without it if the unthinkable occurs. But don’t worry; our brokers and agencies create tailored policies to financially shield your company’s cyber environment from attacks.


Commercial Property Insurance – Does your company own or rent a business space? Then you need a top-notch commercial property insurance policy to financially protect you from physical loss or damage to the building and its contents.

LiabilityCover connects you with esteemed brokers who know your industry like the backs of their hands. They are well-versed in covering commercial spaces, allowing you to rest easy.


Commercial Auto Insurance Whether your company uses one utility van or an entire fleet of trucks, a customized commercial auto insurance policy gives you the financial confidence you’re searching for. With the perfect coverage, nothing can stop you from running your business with confidence.

Like personal car insurance, there are many additional coverages to purchase alongside the primary policy. But we will help you figure out whether your business needs them.


Business Interruption Insurance When disaster strikes, it could force you to close your business doors temporarily. Thankfully, with business interruption insurance provided by one of our licensed brokers, it doesn’t need to turn into a permanent closure.

The coverage provides compensation for the net income you lose throughout the closure. On top of that, it covers your overheads and other running costs, like employee wages, during the same period.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Are you renovating your commercial or office space? Are you taking part in a dream project? Or are you building your once-in-a-lifetime home? Whatever construction project you’re undertaking, don’t start without builder’s risk insurance. It protects your property while it’s under construction — i.e., when home or commercial property insurance won’t cover it.


Legal Expense Insurance Hiring lawyers isn’t just expensive, but it’s also daunting. Unfortunately, it’s a task that many business owners must face at least once.

But you don’t have to cope with it alone. We assign industry-leading agents who customize legal expense insurance policies to offer you advice and financial protection during common disputes.


LiabilityCover: Connecting Professionals Like You with Experienced Insurance Brokers in Canada

You are just one form away from connecting with licensed brokers and agents in Ontario. Based on the information you provide, we scour our database of standout insurance providers to make it easy for you to acquire commercial insurance coverage.

We make business insurance accessible for all by affording you the time, space, and advice you deserve when making coverage decisions.


How Our Process Works

We’ve made acquiring insurance easy and headache-free. Choosing LiabilityCover means choosing peace:

  1. Complete our secure request form.
  2. We look at your insurance requirements to ensure we connect you with the appropriate brokers.
  3. Our team puts you in touch with a licensed insurance agency or brokerage specializing in providing coverage to those in your industry or profession.
  4. The assigned brokerage or agency contacts you to guide you through the application process, allowing you access to the commercial insurance you need.


We Do the Hard Work for You

You don’t have to worry about analyzing your business insurance needs. Running a business is hard enough without added stressors, so let us take the weight of any insurance-related pressure.

We will:

  • find a broker or agent who understands your industry and profession.
  • separate personal insurance needs from commercial ones.
  • consider all your business risk exposures while reviewing your information.

The result? A perfect insurance policy package from one of the best licensed brokerages in Canada to secure your business.


Why Choose LiabilityCover for All Your Business Insurance Needs?


#1 Find Peace with Insurance

Commercial insurance is your safety blanket. So, why should obtaining it be stressful?

We thoroughly assess your needs before assigning a brokerage, meaning you can relax with the knowledge that your business rests in skillful hands.


#2 Innovative Online Interface

If you don’t feel like calling, you don’t have to, thanks to our easy-to-use secure online quote request form. We ask for a few details about your business to ensure we connect you with the best agencies, and that’s it!

Plus, you can learn everything about the coverage options without leaving our site. Consider us your portal of seemingly endless insurance know-how, saving you time and energy throughout your insurance journey.


#3 Access to Handfuls of Registered Brokers

Trawling through registered brokers alone is tough. You end up with a bunch of quotes offering various terms at countless price points. With us, it’s much simpler. We have a database of the best insurance companies like Allianz, April, Beacon Underwriting Ltd, and AMF Underwriting Management Ltd with years of experience providing insurance to companies in your industry. Think of us as your magic insurance wand.


#4 Always Happy to Help

There’s no question too big for our team of talented individuals. Just give us a call on our toll-free number or send us an email for a swift answer to any queries. We’re here to help calm your insurance-based nerves and aid your understanding.


#5 Transparent, Trustworthy, and Honest

We never leave you in the dark. Clear communication and friendly yet to-the-point language allow us to assign you the perfect insurer.


Ready to Settle Your Commercial Insurance Needs?

Getting commercial insurance isn’t complicated with us at LiabilityCover. We pride ourselves on our straightforward process, allowing professionals like you to get the coverage they need without hindrance.

Don’t leave your business unprotected and at financial risk any longer. Instead, find peace with carefully curated insurance policies built by specialist brokers.