Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance

What To Know About Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance

Canada might be a cold country from time to time. Nevertheless, the country’s residents still like swimming as much as possible. This is why many Canadians are willing to install swimming pools in and around their homes. If you happen to work as a Canadian swimming pool contractor, you’re in luck. You will have plenty of opportunities to construct and install in-ground pools in plenty of backyards across the country. You may even be asked to repair a damaged swimming pool at some point or another. Just make sure that you’re covered with swimming pool contractors insurance. LiabilityCover can help you get the coverage that you need right away.

Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance

Surprising Stats

  • Canada is home to roughly 1.4 million pools
  • These pools could be causing Southern Canada’s renewable water resources to decline
  • Canada has experienced roughly 525 swimming deaths a year from 1991 to 2010

The Importance Of Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

The truth of the matter is that swimming pool contractor insurance is a necessity. Insurance is capable of shielding your company from immense costs that could lead to an untimely bankruptcy. It is true that you have a handful of unique risks that are not present in any other industry. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get the coverage needed to protect your business in the event of these incidents. Below, you’ll learn more about some of the situations in which contractor’s insurance will prove to be immensely beneficial.

  • Say that you left equipment on the jobsite overnight. What is going to happen if the client’s child accesses that equipment and gets injured in the process?
  • There is always a risk that you’re going to chlorinate the pool too much. That could result in your clients suffering from chemical burns. You can guarantee that you’re going to be blamed and your company will be used.
  • An employee could always cause a crash while attempting to reach the jobsite.

There are plenty of accidents that can happen. They might be called accidents, but someone is going to be blamed and that someone is going to be you and your company. It is in your best interest to get protection in advance. If an accident occurs and you do not have protection, there is a good chance that you are too late!

How Liability Insurance Protects Your Swimming Pool Company

Liability insurance for swimming pool construction companies in Canada is truly a necessity. It is nothing something that you can do without. Without this type of insurance, you are a sitting duck. Your business could be ruined in a heartbeat and you won’t be able to do anything about it. You need to protect your business and its employees. Otherwise, you might be looking for a new job yourself. Thankfully, there are many types of insurance that can provide you with the protection that you’re looking for. Below, you’re going to learn more about the protection that you can acquire by working with LiabilityCover.

  • General Liability – General liability is a must for any Canadian swimming pool construction company. This type of insurance is going to protect your business in the event that injuries or property damage occur during the normal course of business. It covers a great deal of liability risks, but remember that there are some exclusions. Therefore, you will need additional policies to ensure that your company is covered to the absolute fullest.
  • Pollution Insurance – It is also a good idea to acquire a sufficient amount of pollution insurance. This is a necessity for companies that perform swimming pool maintenance because they use and store so many chemicals. There is a good chance that your commercial general liability insurance is not going to cover the costs of chemical damages and injuries. A good pollution liability policy will. It’ll protect you in the event that your chemicals damage someone or their property!
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Your workers are most likely going to be driving company vehicles. With that being said, you need to make sure that these individuals are going to be protected in the event of a vehicle accident. Conventional insurance isn’t going to cut it. This is why you need to obtain commercial vehicle liability insurance. Dump trucks can do a lot of damage! Make sure that you have the coverage that you need to sleep soundly at night.
  • Hired Vehicle Insurance – You should also think about acquiring hired or non-owned vehicle insurance. This type of policy is good for companies that will rent trucks. You’ll also need this coverage if you require your workers to drive their personal vehicles. Vehicle accidents can happen at pretty much any point in time. Therefore, you should get the coverage that you need right away. Make sure that you have enough hire or non-owned vehicle insurance to cover all of your company’s risks.
  • Workers’ Comp – You’ll also want to make sure that you have workers’ compensation insurance. It is true that this might not be a liability insurance. Nevertheless, it is vitally important for pretty much any and every single swimming pool contractor out there. The insurance is going to protect your workers in the event that they get injured and have to miss work. It can pay for lost wages and their medical treatments. If they’re hurt on the job, workers’ compensation insurance will protect them!

Get The Best Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance Now!

At the end of the day, your business faces an abundance of risks each and every day. If you’re not protected with the aforementioned insurance, there is a good chance that your company is going to experience grave problems. Thankfully, getting covered won’t be too expensive or too much of a hassle. You just need to get in touch with LiabilityCover. The company’s representatives will work with you closely to analyze the risks that your swimming pool construction company faces. Then, they’ll customize a policy that is going to shield your company from each and every one of those risks.

Be sure to get in touch with the company today to obtain a free quote with no obligation.

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