Your Ultimate Guide to Sports and Fitness Insurance

Whether you train teams or individuals, sports and fitness insurance is a must-have. Here at LiabilityCover, we look after your business with the right insurance coverage, so you can carry on keeping the country fit.

In the subsequent sections, you’ll discover everything you could want to know about sports insurance.


Providing Insurance To The Sports and Fitness World

The sports industry offers hundreds of different activities with various exertion levels. Because of that, roughly 35% of the country’s injuries come from sports and fitness pursuits!

We know you’re probably more concerned about your participant’s safety than your business’s wellbeing. So, why not let us take care of that side of things? We’ll look after your company so that you can take care of your players.


What Is Sports Insurance Coverage?

From all-out tournaments to nervous tryouts, the sporting world is ever-changing. Due to its adaptive nature, you’re constantly exposed to different risks. So, you need a comprehensive bespoke insurance program to ensure your entire team is covered in the face of adversity.

In a nutshell, sports insurance is a unique liability policy bundle that protects sports and fitness professionals from claims of malpractice, negligence, and injury.

The most common types of businesses in Canada requiring sports insurance coverage are as follows:

  • Professional and amateur sports teams
  • Private and recreational sports leagues
  • Instructors, including coaches and managers
  • Fitness establishments, including tennis courts and soccer fields
  • Sporting events, including sports camps and tournaments
  • Dance instructors and studios
  • Pilates and yoga instructors
  • Golf courses


Common Sports Insurance Claims Examples

Let’s look at two practical situations where sports insurance can save your business:


Example One: Asthma Claim

You’re training a young basketball player. While running through drills, he suffers an asthma attack.

His parents end up suing you for negligence and third-party bodily injury. Thankfully, your professional liability insurance covers the legal defence fees and settlements.


Example Two: Stolen Equipment Claim

You store your baseballs, bats, helmets, and uniforms in a secure container overnight. But, unfortunately, somebody broke in and stole all your equipment.

You claim on your sports equipment insurance. The claim is successful, and you receive the total cost to replace the stolen items.


What Does Sports Insurance Cover?

A comprehensive sports insurance bundle should include these policies:

  • Commercial general liability insurance coverage (CGL) — It offers financial protection against lawsuits alleging third-party proper damage or injury. If you own a soccer pitch, for example, and a spectator slips and injures their ankle, the policy covers any legal and medical expenses.
  • Professional liability insurance coverage — Otherwise known as malpractice insurance, the coverage extends to alleged or actual errors, omissions, negligence, or failure to deliver a service as advertised. It’s vital for anybody providing sports and fitness advice or hands-on training.
  • Directors and officers insurance coverage (D;O) — If your organization has a board of directors or officers, you must take out a D;O policy to protect them and their assets. Clients can sue individual members on your board, wreaking havoc on their livelihood and your reputation. The policy offers a broad range of coverage, including allegations of negligence, discrimination, and wrongful dismissals.
  • Cyber liability insurance — If you store players’ sensitive information (i.e., medical or payment records), this coverage is essential. It provides financial protection in the event of a data breach or cyber attack.
  • Sports equipment insurance — It’s a type of property insurance that covers your organization’s sporting equipment, including uniforms, balls, and hockey sticks.


What Doesn’t Sports Insurance Cover?

Generally speaking, virtual training sessions or materials available to the general public aren’t covered under sports insurance policies.

On top of that, basic sports instructor insurance coverage probably won’t cover instructors under 18 years old or for activities such as:

  • Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Rowing
  • Equestrian
  • Martial arts
  • Scuba diving

Likewise, coverage for instructors training a professional or semi-professional athlete isn’t included in a standard policy. Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t obtain that coverage! When you submit our secure form, we’ll analyze your insurance needs and connect you with brokers experienced in providing that type of policy.


How Much Does Sports Insurance Coverage Cost?

Ultimately, the cost of your sports insurance package depends on the type of services you provide.

A standard policy bundle for instructors and trainers often costs $280 per year for a CGL and professional liability insurance policy with a limit of $2 million.

Conversely, a sports insurance package for sports establishments or studios tends to start at $350 annually for the same coverage.

Aside from your services, the following factors determine your premium:

  • The number of teams or participants at your operation
  • Your location
  • Your experience
  • The length of the season or activity
  • Your business’ past insurance claims
  • Your training and education

We’ll ask you several questions about your business throughout our online application to ensure we completely understand your needs.


Why Choose LiabilityCover?

  • Ease — Our secure form is simple to use and wonderfully intuitive.
  • Knowledge — Our team members have years of insurance experience under their belts.
  • Complete protection — Our relationships with the top insurers in the country guarantee nothing but perfection.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do Sports Insurance Policies Cover Participant Injuries?

Yes, your policy may cover the medical fees associated with a participant’s injury. But please don’t assume it’s included in your policy! With some of our insurers, you might need to add the coverage as an endorsement. Your licensed broker will tell you about the options available.


Does Sports Insurance Cover Sporting Events?

You’ll typically need to take out temporary coverage when hosting events. Sports event liability insurance is short-term coverage for third-party damages and injury that may happen at the event. It’s recommended if you are:

  • hosting a sporting event.
  • hosting a tournament.
  • organizing an end-of-season party at your facility.
  • hosting charity events.


Does Sports Insurance Cover Volunteers?

Usually, your sports insurance package includes liability cover for any volunteers in your CGL policy. But ensure you check with your broker.


Do You Need to Take Out Extra Coverage for International Tournaments?

Your standard policies won’t cover your sports team outside of Canada. However, we can accommodate groups travelling abroad by tailoring packages to suit international risks and exposures.


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