Lawyer’s Excess Professional Liability Insurance

Understanding Lawyer’s Excess Professional Liability Insurance

Serving clients in litigation can be very difficult and incredibly stressful. Reading through case law and lawyers insurancepreparing for an upcoming trial will keep you up throughout the night and really strain your brain. Although you may have put forth your best effort, your client may not see it that way. He or she may feel that you simply haven’t tried hard enough. Unfortunately for you, the confrontation could result in a legal suit, which could lead to massive losses. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. By learning about errors and omissions insurance & Lawyer’s Excess Professional Liability Insurance, you will learn how to protect yourself from these specific situations.

What Is Required?

Although Excess Professional Liability Insurance can be very beneficial, it is not necessarily a requirement. In fact, the majority of lawyers practicing, within the country of Canada will not need to obtain a sufficient amount of insurance. Below, you will find a list of lawyers, who should still do so.

  • Sole practitioners
  • Lawyers working in or with a partnership
  • Those practicing within a law corporation
  • Anyone providing services in a private practice

The amount of coverage needed will depend on a variety of different factors. In most cases, there is a recommendation of $1 million per each claim, with $2 million in aggregate. As far as the deductible goes, the standard is right around $5,000 per each claim. Also, you may be responsible for obtaining Innocent Party coverage. This is usually the case, if you’re working with an association, law corporation or partnership.

Lawyers sitting togetherThe Importance

As a lawyer, protecting your business should come first. Lawyers operating in Canada can be sued for a variety of different reasons. In late 2013, former clients sued a Calgary lawyer, David Blott, in a classic-action lawsuit. David and his partners were accused of depriving the Indian residential school survivors of their fair share of compensation from an abuse case. The outcome of the case remains to be seen, but Blott could potentially lose it all. Unfortunately, all lawyers are at some degree of risk and you’re no different.

This is why it is imperative to obtain insurance and protect yourself today. Once you’ve obtained the insurance and the burden is off of your shoulders, you will be able to focus on helping your clients and your concerns will be erased. Also, Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance can help to ensure that your business continues operating, as it should, despite having a lawsuit hanging over your head.

Errors and Omissions Policy

Lawyers face many hurdles, when attempting to prove their clients’ cases in the court of law. Outside of the courtroom, their responsibilities extend even further. Protecting your client is important, but you should never neglect yourself and your partners. This is why you should always obtain a Professional Liability policy. This is often referred to as an errors and omissions policy, as well. As the name implies, the coverage is an “excess”, so it works in conjunction with your existing mandatory policy.

Where To Go Now

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Lawyers Excess Professional Liability Insurance, you should take the time to learn about your options. There is an abundance of providers out there, but only few are worth investigating further. Don’t worry, because an errors and omissions insurance, like LiabilityCover should be your go-to source for errors and omissions insurance. The company’s prices are unbeatable and they’ll be able to provide you with everything that is needed!