Clinton, Ontario Business Insurance

We provide Clinton business Insurance at the cheapest prices across Ontario, Canada.

If you are a business owner operating in the Clinton, Ontario region, you must be adequately insured under an Ontario business insurance policy.

If your business provides any services or product to the public, you can be sued. This is the most important reason why you as a business owner, you must be protected under a Clinton ontario general liability insurance policy from licensed brokers, agents, or insurers.

Amount of insurance you may require depends on a few factors such as size of business, gross revenues, profession, employees, past claims, sub contractors, and a few other factors.

We recommend having business insurance (CGL) coverage of no less than $1,000,000. In some cases, you may require additional coverages considering your exposure. Please refer below:


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Clinton business insurance coverages we offer:

(Adding these coverages depends on the risk exposure of the business – A good broker or agent can determine this)

– Property Insurance
– Fire Insurance
– Liability Insurance
– Liquor Liability Insurance
– Casualty Insurance
– Earthquake Insurance
– Commercial Automobile Insurance
– Workers’ Compensation Insurance
– Business Interruption Insurance
– Theft Insurance & Fidelity Bonds
Directors & Officers Insurance
– Data breach
– Health Insurance
– Indemnity Insurance
– Life and Disability Insurance
– Group Insurance
– Small Business Insurance
Medical Malpractice Insurance
– Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
– Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
Errors and Omissions Insurance
– Home Office
– Home Office Insurance
Excess & Umbrella Insurance




  • ⚡INSTANTLY purchase the coverage you need online.
  • YOU pick the coverages you want. ($1 million$2 million, or higher).
  • One policy for multiple coverages. (Refer to the coverages above)
  • Coverages for sole proprietorships (one man shop), partnerships, and corporations.


Frequently asked questions before buying Clinton business insurance:


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